Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Colin Zimbleman, a U.S. licensed Clinical Psychologist.

In my practice, in downtown Kyoto, Japan, I specialize in working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma related issues. Additionally, I work with couples seeking to mend their relationship, children using play therapy, and primary and secondary school students managing stress and difficult life transitions. 

Carl Jung, one of the founders of the field of psychology, believed that each person is a unique question posed to the world. Our life, if well lived, is the embodied answer to that question. Our weaknesses, our symptoms, are like cracks in the edifice of a false self, and painful or hurtful as they are, are the potential points of entry through which we are led to that "question posed to the world." And in turn, we begin to answer our question by living life according to our own truth. My role as a therapist is to guide, support, and challenge each person's process of self discovery. 

In practice, I integrate a depth psychological approach (Jungian, psychoanalytic) with cognitive and behavioral interventions as needed. I am trained in EMDR therapy (EMDR Institute, trainings 1 and 2, currently working towards certification), and often integrate this method into both individual and couples work to reprocess old memories and experiences that are holding us back via unwanted patterns of emotions or behaviors. At the outset of therapy, individual goals and a plan for treatment is proposed and discussed with the aim of reducing symptoms quickly while also resolving the root causes of our symptoms.

As a US licensed psychologist, I operate under the American Psychological Association (APA) rules regarding standard practice of psychotherapy, including the maintaining of confidentiality. I am also a member of the EMDR Institute, and the Head of Training of the association, International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ).

If you are looking for English language therapy services for yourself or someone you care about, or have any other questions, please email by clicking on the Contact tab above. 

Office Hours and Schedule

Tuesday 9am-6pm Wednesday 9am-12pm Thursday 9am-1pm Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday: 1st and 3rd Saturday’s of the month 9am-6pm Monday: 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month 9am-6pm

Holidays: I am out of Japan for most of the month of August, but am available for teletherapy/phone therapy during this time.

A tableau of dream images by Dr. Zimbleman

A tableau of dream images by Dr. Zimbleman

Ring the bell that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s where the light comes in
— Leonard Cohen, Anthem, 1992

California license # PSY27598