On Art, Bob Dylan, and Jung’s New Myth for Modern Persons

Bob Dylan had just moved to Greenwich Village and was beginning to be recognized at a talented young folk musician as Carl Jung’s final days approached in the summer of 1961.  I had always wished Jung had lived long enough to write one short essay or letter on the phenomenon of Bob Dylan.  This would not have been unfamiliar territory for him: he had written on James Joyce, Picasso, and even flying saucers, and Bob Dylan seemed to catch the cultural imagination not unlike the saucers had a decade earlier.

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A Review of Psychological Theories of the Origins and Aims of Creativity

(An excerpt from my dissertation) 

We laymen have always wondered greatly – like the cardinal who put the question to Ariosto – how that strange being, the poet, comes by his material.

                            – Freud 

    More than a few theories in the past century of psychological inquiry have emerged in response to the same wondering Freud expressed. While non can claim absolute authority, the studies and clinical observations that have led to diverse and divergent theories of creativity, put together, seem to suggest that there is not just a single origin of creativity, but rather, several coexisting processes, notwithstanding the fact that each theorist has emphasized one

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The Making of Artists: Processes of Development

(An excerpt from my dissertation - I interviewed 6 professional artists, and after identifying individual and common themes, boiled down the findings into a description of the life development of "the artist".)

Beginning with an inherent drive of creativity and curiosity, the child artist receives enough support from the parents (at least in some creative areas of their life) for the seed of creativity to grow. In addition, the young artist’s proclivity for being alone for extended periods of time and their self-reliance and joy in trial and error learning fosters the development of skills as well as ways of thinking that allows creativity a central role in their life as the artist moves into

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First a question, then a lifetime of small steps

(An excerpt from Colin's dissertation, "To Own the Art Within the Soul: A Study of the Development of Creative Voice in Professional Artists".)

Being fascinated by certain artworks by master artists, I have over the years gathered bits of information from their personal statements. One result of this informal research is a presupposition regarding the lifelong working process of mature artists. I see that the masterful artist’s special skill comes not from utilizing different cognitive processes or ways of approaching

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